Rewarding idea for Year 10 History

boardgame 4

I love my Year 10 group, they are so keen to please. They just blinked a little in disappointment when I set them revision over the Christmas period so I told them to revise Hitler’s rise to power by making a board game. I’ve done this with younger groups but it felt like a bit too much fun for GCSE. They came up trumps (not literally- but certainly snakes) Not only did they do really well in their assessment but when I let them play the board games afterwards there was a huge variety and they were really engaged. I’ve included pictures of some of them. Games included:

A version of Lotto with a Hindenburg piece who can land on any of the pieces and ask difficult questions as they travel round the board

Who Am I? with images to tuck into  headband. Victims have to ask others who they are with ‘Yes/No’ questions

Various board games with Chance Cards

Snakes and Ladders.

When they played them competitiveness drew out an enthusiasm for facts, exact dates and vocabulary which had eluded some more laid-back  students until now. I wonder if there is a market for these games…

.boardgame 6board game 5boardgame3boardgameboardgame2



An inspired Year 12 homework

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to teach Year 12 Italian Unification and I came across this idea using

Fake book pages make such amusing homeworks for a creative Year 12 class. My group were told to make pages for the intellectual thinkers of the Italian Risorgimento. They really got into it, showing how much they understood the beliefs of the protagonists and also their relationships with each other. They could also show how people’s beliefs changed over time. They would write a post from one of the intellectuals and date it, then write out the responses from other thinkers of the time. They could also write another post from a different date to show how the Thinkers changed their beliefs over time. Needless to say they were very imaginative and they had to think hard about the people involved and how they might respond to events which is crucial for interpreting sources.

I also got to learn current lingo for use on Facebook which will probably make me look like a prat it I use it.